Who we are

bountysourcing  is on the market since 2018. We operate on Eastern Europe job market and are always up to date with the rapidly growing IT industry. Hiring people with us is the best choice for those, who highly appreciate their time, business reputation, and looking to cooperate on a long-term basis.

Our Expertise

We hire across Eastern Europe. We utilize our experience in direct hunting, corporate culture and business processes  in order to develop customized recruiting solutions for each of our Clients. We provide dedicated recruiting service and People Partnering services. Quality of hires we deliver is proven by our successful track record and senior level references.

Why we are different

We have a lot of competitors on the market who are claiming that they are the best. They try to handle too many obligations from different Clients so your business becomes not the priority for them. Unlike the others, your public image is the same value for us as for you. That’s why we thoroughly care about how to present your business in the most professional way to potential hires and how to stay focused on your business needs constantly. 

Benefits of working with us

You get a powerful external hiring resource at reasonable pricing, quality that exceeds your expectations and a new vision of a hiring process than before. Bringing in a third party perspective such as a seasoned advisor from another function help add value.

Code of conduct

We work on average 12 hours on an individual Candidate, before submitting to a Client. We work many additional hours evaluating and interviewing candidates the Client will never see, because we are very considerate of their time: the Client hires us so they don’t need to recruit; they have the expectation that we will perform a professional job in screening the right candidates, and we exceed that expectation.

What we expect from our Clients

 We expect our submittals to be reviewed once received in 3 business days. The best candidates find jobs in any market conditions, and the ones we submit are among the best. They will not wait long before taking on a job.


 We wish the best to our Clients and Candidates in their mutual search endeavors! 

Vadym Sydorenko, Owner